We can all agree that it's not that 2020 isn't our favorite year, because it has some problems in the world. Now, we continue to have hope and believe that the New Year will be a clean slate. Most of us are staying at home and the style of the house affects our mood more than ever. In addition to the many home decor trends that will be available in 2021, there are some trends, like 2020, that we should discard. Let's find out some interior decorating trends that will remain popular and outdated for 2021. Ditch the white trend Over the years, the all-white bedroom has been one of the most popular trends in home decorating. However, it doesn't appear to be refined and, more importantly, the all-white room lacks the sharp focus our eyes should see.

Choose to add some blue to your living space

In 2021, sea blue, known for its combination with peace, calm and comfort, will play a key role in interior decoration. If you have a white bedroom or kitchen, you can paint the cabinets dark blue or use multi-colored stones to create a balanced look and feel the ocean tones in your home.

Don't prefer luxury items without warmth.

Interior styles that only attract attention but never provide comfort or signs of life should be removed from your home in 2021. We believe that most of us want to feel a homely atmosphere and remove luxury items that we don't like. There is no personality in your living space.

Return to comfortable traditionalism with a modern atmosphere.

Especially after this year's outbreak and lockdown, everyone realized that our houses are kings and need more cozy and livable spaces. Therefore, the concept of "granny chic" will become one of the most heard concepts in interior styles in 2021.

Don't bring cold colors to 2021

Despite its cool atmosphere, there is nowhere to use cool tones to create a more vibrant and vibrant look in the 2021 home decor trend.

Consider the gold tone of the metal.

The resurgence and splendid appearance of gold and metallic colors are very popular in 2021. This is a trend you must try this year, so hanging our gold metal wall designs (like Sutra Golden) on your wall is one way wonderful, fun and beautiful.

Don't focus on just one thing in each room.

We configure the trend of home decoration according to the changes in our lives, and strive to satisfy our needs. Therefore, in 2021, dividing these rooms into several parts to create a multifunctional home design is not an ideal idea.

Transition to integrated living

During these power outages and after the outbreak, ideas for home offices or home gyms are really popular because they are very meaningful for more multi-functional spaces.

Therefore, incorporating a beautiful workspace into the living room or kitchen is the best way to adapt to our evolving lives in 2021.