10 cosas que rara vez se conocen sobre el mejor líder de la historia, Freddie Mercury

10 things that are rarely known about the greatest leader in history, Freddie Mercury

As a special honor to Queen's legendary singer Freddy Mercury, the long-awaited movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" taps into our love for the Queen and Mercury, and is now in theaters. As a brand that appreciates the queen and her musical style, especially the unique artistic genius of Freddie Mercury, we have studied 10 little-known things about Mercury for you!

Freddie Mercury is actually from Zanzibar Zanzibar is an island country in the Indian Ocean, known as Tanzania, where Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town on September 5, 1946.

His real name is Farrokh Bulsara His name is Farok. But young Freddie Mercury (Freddie Mercury) decided to give himself a new name to avoid discrimination during college.

The Bulsara family has its origins in Iran.

His family, which has its origins in the Persians, has led their lives following the foundations of the Zoroastrian cult.

He is also studying graphic design at university. After attending high school in India, Freddie Mercury, who studied graphic design and art education at Ealing College of Art in London, has considerable talent for drawing. In fact, he has designed the queen's iconic logo.

His voice range is 4 octaves. According to musical authority figures, the vocal range of Freddie Mac's Freddie Mercury is close to 4 octaves. This is a rare profession, so its live performance has never had any difficulties.

There is a shy personality in his private life. Mercury is very shy behind the door, which is contrary to his extremely confident and outgoing demeanor on stage. He often spends it at home rather than at private events and outings, and will meet up with some friends on a regular basis.

Freddie Mercury is a serious collector who likes to save interesting items with their own stories, he has a great passion for collecting stamps. In fact, most of these collections are still on display at the British Postal Museum.

He has two idols in the music industry. Although he is a great idol for thousands of people interested in music today, Freddie Mercury (Freddie Mercury) cannot hide his admiration for two musicians: Aretha Franklin and Jimi Hendrix.

He has established a long-term relationship in the early 70s. Freddie Mercury's longest relationship is his relationship with Mary Austin, and this relationship is usually unknown in their relationship. After the breakup, they remained friends until Freddie Mercury's death.

He disagrees that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the queen's best song. Although most people think this is the best song Queen has ever written, the lyrics of "Bohemian Rhapsody" have no deep meaning for Mercury. He described Bohemian Rhapsody as "Those lyrics are simple, irrelevant rhymes that I wrote, just because they're in harmony." For him, Queens' true love is the slay queen.