I'm Pedro


This is me, a normal guy (I think),

Like many, I suppose, the pandemic changed my life.

Since I was 21, I fought to fulfill a dream, to have my own company, I worked hard, now I am 44.

17 Brave

17 people who proudly worked side by side for a common dream:

Feel proud of our company , work with honesty, effort and affection.

When we retired, we would look back, happy to arrive without traps, and without taking advantage of anyone.

This is my (our) "le it motiv".

I invested everything in it, mainly 21 years of life, 10 without vacations or a penny, from Monday to Monday, without Saturdays or Sundays.

So many people on the boat were a big responsibility, it took a toll on me, of course it cost me a marriage...

And the shit of the pandemic arrived...

Fuck it, total ruin, 8 months closed paying payroll and social security.

I put up with my people as much as I could, of course in my sector, zero aid, ZERO.

I decided to learn how to make web pages by myself, without having done anything similar in my life.

I remembered a painting that I had designed for my house and that many people asked me about when they came home, the one about Super Mario Bros.

So I decided to get to work and start from scratch.

And here I am, with 4 of the 17 "survivors", fighting to get our entire family back.

I am proud of the great people I couldn't support because of this nonsense.

I will do it, I will call everyone again, I promised. Believe me, I will do it.

Because if this has taught me anything, it's that it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up and I will never, ever, never stop believing in my dream.

I am the representative of my parents, and the ambassador of my son. ,

I have the great responsibility to do things well and honestly. That is the education I received and I assure you and guarantee that it is the one I will transmit.

Anyway, here you have my little house: a place where I try, from the naturalness of doing cool things.

I use a very cool material that I knew from my old company and well, I assure you that it is wonderful.

Sorry for this badge, you wanted to know who was behind it, and I wanted to be as honest and sincere as possible, I hope I have succeeded.

My phone number is 615341812. Write to me for anything you can think of. do it, don't hesitate,

I love helping, it makes me feel useful, so whatever you need, I'm here.