Ideas de decoración de oficinas que mejoran la creatividad y la eficiencia

Office decoration ideas that improve creativity and efficiency

According to the survey, we spend an average of 57% of our time in a sober office. This means that the time we spend in the office is very different from the time we spend socializing at home and away. When we spend most of our lives “working,” do we really care about office decor? Since we believe that the time we spend will directly affect our mood and work efficiency, we have proposed some great office decoration ideas, which will refresh our office and our thinking in the form of in this article.

Use inspirational quotes
Anyone who is busy with work must stay in the office all the time and want to hear: ``Don't worry, Rocky! ''So inspiring quotes. Since we can't find a coach who can mentally support life at any time, post your favorite inspirational quote in a prominent place in the office, preferably on the wall behind the desk, to maintain this motivation. Your exposure to this prayer throughout the day will allow you to gradually better absorb the meaning of the prayer. You can browse our Typography category to find accessories containing metal wall decorations, as well as images, containing inspirational quotes and phrases.
Prepare a "vision board"

Hang a personal vision board that reflects all your visions and dreams instead of using regular wall boards or boring bulletin boards with work-related advice. Post your career goals, your planned itinerary, and the beautiful notes and reminders you've created on this dashboard. Attaching your career goals, planned trips, photos, and notes on the board can remind you of your own beauty. Seeing this panorama all day can help you realize your dreams and bring your goals closer every day.

Keep plants around you
According to research, the presence of pets or plants in the office can allow workers to establish a deeper emotional connection with the office and professionals. Therefore, you can place your favorite plants according to your preferences, instead of using messy decorations on your desk or common office areas to make going to work fun. Perennials like Monstera and sukulent can be ideal for offices. In our office we also have two dogs, a parrot and many plants. :)
Get scented candles
The more important vision is in the workplace, the more important smell is. Because although some smells can increase people's attention and interest, some smells can make someone heal. Therefore, you can use candles containing energy to personalize your desk and give lemon, bergamot and orange on the office desk to change your senses. Placing these scented candles on the designer candlestick can add a pleasant atmosphere.
Make wall decoration functional
Even if you only decorate the wall at home, you should consider aesthetics, but when there is a workspace on the object, this situation may change slightly. Therefore, when decorating office walls, when decorating office walls, you can create rich gallery walls with elegant wall clocks, lining panels with corporate value, and decorative products designed in corporate colors.