modern abstract paintings

The collection of abstract works of cuts and cuts is one of the most popular in our online store due to the variety and originality of its designs.

Some of these modern abstract paintings are based on well-known sculptures or abstract paintings such as Comb of the Winds by Eduardo Chillida . They are Designs inspired by the most outstanding works of the best artists.

Other paintings are simply made up of original designs of shapes and lines, giving rise to wonderful compositions.

Eduardo Chillida abstract style paintings modern style

The best modern abstract paintings

The cut and trim metal wall picture gallery is ideal for decorating the favorite corner of your home or office as its contemporary designs will delight your guests.

Modern paintings with abstract designs are more fashionable than ever because you can't even imagine the look they give once installed, adorning the walls of your living room, hallway, bedroom or kitchen.

Buying modern abstract paintings has never been easier than in our specialized online store.

abstract artistic composition to hang on the wall

Trends in abstract paintings for 2023

Our artistic compositions are and will be a trend in 2023 thanks to the consolidation of our brand in the national market, which is positioned as a benchmark in the decorative paintings sector due to the quality, originality of the product and service.

And their designs are really cool, attractive, original...they will look good wherever you hang them, whether indoors or outdoors.

These paintings are made in three layers and their 3 millimeter thick oven lacquered glass aluminum finish makes them very resistant. They do not discolor and the material with which they are manufactured is 100% recyclable.

In addition, we send them to you anywhere in Spain completely free of charge and if it does not meet your expectations we will return it to you at no cost. Hundreds of clients from all over our geography support us.

modern abstract painting to hang on walls

Modern paintings for living room

Cortayrecorta 's modern decorative paintings are inspired by abstract paintings and works by such famous artists as Picasso, Klimt, Chillida or Banksy.

That is why these canvases are perfect for decorating your home, especially for your living room.

The shapes of these abstract paintings in the purest metal wall art style combine perfectly with walls of light color tones and modern decorative styles on the furniture.

The black color of these paintings cut out of glass aluminum achieves a great visual impact due to the contrast with the surface where they are installed, making their drawings stand out much more and turning them into the focus of attention in any interior.

Are you looking for exclusive paintings with an abstract style to decorate the walls and hallways of your home or office?

Our modern-style abstract metal paintings are ideal for decorating large and functional spaces. Search our extensive catalog in our online store.

They are very resistant, but at the same time light and hang very easily.